There are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding a leafguard for the gutters on your Denver-area home. Unfortunately, though, not all of these products are made equally. You could end up investing in a gutter guard that’s cheap, flimsy, and more trouble than cleaning out your gutters yourself. There are three things you should look for when deciding which leafguard is right for your home:

  • What materials are used. Don’t settle for a cheap material like plastic! These products will only end up breaking and causing more problems then they are worth. Find a product that is made from a high-quality material like surgical steel. That way your gutter guards won’t rust, break, or fall apart no matter how long they are on your home.
  • How much rain they can handle. If the leafguard you choose for your Denver home can’t handle rain up to 10 inches per hour, it’s not good enough to stand up to crazy Colorado weather. If your gutters can’t handle the rain water because the guard is blocking the flow, they could end up doing more harm than good to your home and causing leaks and water damage issues.
  • What other people are saying about them. This goes for the gutter guards as well as the company itself! What do online reviews say about their products? Are people happy with what they purchase? Does the company stand behind their product? Checking out online reviews is a great way to discover whether or not this is the product for you.

Once you start to look around, you’ll see that GutterDome is the best product for your Denver home! Made from surgical steel and ready to handle 10″ of rain per hour, our company stands behind our products and installation services. Call us for a free quote today!