gutter guard Littleton Relaxing master suites, stainless steel appliances, 3-car garages, professional landscaping and open, well-lit living areas; these are the qualities and inclusions of home that most normal people look for in a home. Never do you hear that folks desire wood rot, mold, mildew or cracked foundations; which is completely understandable. Having a solid home that is secure and safe, healthy and attractive are what we all want. But dirty and badly-maintained gutters can bring about all those negatives that homeowners work to avoid. Rain gutters that fail to do their job properly, by dispersing rain water away from your home, are the number one mechanical contributor to the deterioration of your home’s structure. Poor design, defective installation and neglect all  create situations that are both detrimental to a house or structure and unsafe for the homeowner. Signs of damaged or faulty gutters include:

  • Clogs – Clogged gutters cause water to accumulate and stagnate within the gutters themselves, creating the perfect environment for rust and erosion which, in turn, causes wood rot and roof damage. Gutter guards by GutterDome help homeowners in Denver and Littleton avoid clogged gutters and the need to climb ladders to clean out the gutters around their home.
  • Missing drains – Downspouts without means of dispersing water away from your home actually dumps moisture right into the ground surrounding its foundation causing a world of problems. Downspouts that are placed in the wrong locations or are not enough for the span of the home can also create areas of standing water. Rust, insect infestation and roof and foundation problems are just a few of the issues that improper downspout installation can cause.
  • Improper installation – Lack of flashing between the gutter and the wood support of your home’s roof exposes the wood to water, insects and debris causing dry rot, allowing for the infestation of termites and creating roof damage. Gutters set at a pitch that does not allow water to drain to downspouts causes water to pool causing rust and erosion, siding damage and roof issues.