gutter guards DenverThe anecdotes are frightening to say the least. Incidents regarding falls from ladders dot internet news sites on a fairly consistent basis. All from what seems like a rather routine, even mundane DIY task. Though gutter maintenance and cleaning seems like a chore that is merely annoying and  time-consuming, it is actually quite dangerous. According to a Center for Injury Research and Policy study, approximately 135,000 Americans are hospitalized every year due to falls while cleaning gutters. It ranks among the top 10 DIY chores that contribute to emergency room visits. However, gutter guards by GutterDome can help you avoid the trips up the ladder that lead to the trips to the ER. By keeping detritus and debris from ever entering your gutters in the first place, we help homeowners stay safe. And while keeping gutters clean and home structure secure is highly important to us here at America’s Choice Home Solutions, it’s the personal safety of homeowners that drives us to build and install the best gutter protection system in Colorado. We believe that excellent gutter protection equates to better homeowner protection and we pride ourselves on the fact that we make lives, not only easier, but more than a little bit safer.

Protect both the structure of your home and the health and lives of the people closest to you by keeping their feet solidly on the ground and off unstable ladders. Attempting to perform a chore that could be virtually eliminated with the simple installation of a product is like hunting for wild game outside of a butcher shop. There really is very little need and makes no sense. Find out more about how gutter covers by GutterDome can help keep your home secure and your family safe.