As Colorado’s favorite gutter guard installation company, we are frequently asked this question by homeowners who are considering whether or not to make the investment of adding gutter guards to their Denver area home. With the average ER visit costing about $2,100 we believe that simply being able to avoid having to be in the vulnerable position atop a ladder is worth the cost alone.

Every hour of the day; every day of the year, some poor homeowner is going to the emergency room due to falling off a ladder while attempting home maintenance tasks. In fact, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, approximately 250,000 people visited the ER last year due to falls. Of course many of these falls happen while attempting to clean out clogged and filthy gutters. While homeowners can pay a so-called professional to take care of the chore of gutter cleaning, we believe that having gutter guards installed is the best way to avoid additional maintenance costs and possible accidents; making the expense of installation worth every penny.

Gutter guards are also considered to be a viable way to increase the resale value of your home. Potential homeowners understand that a leaf guard helps to not only save them time, effort and money but also ensures their safety by keeping them off wobbly ladders and safely on the ground.

Increase your bottom line by installing gutter guards on your Denver home today. Your GutterDome team in Denver will be happy to provide a free quote on the nations best gutter guard at your convenience.