What’s holding you back from calling about our Littleton gutter guards? If you are concerned about the cost, you’ll want to consider the cost of not having GutterDome products installed on your home. GutterDome is a gutter guard that is designed to keep your gutters from clogging. The micro-mech blocks out all of the debris while still allowing water to pass through and get carried away from your home. Experts agree that the number one cause of water damage in your home is caused by clogged or blocked gutters.

When your gutters get blocked, there is nowhere for the water on your home to go except through cracks and holes. Water can quickly cause damage to a home, and it can help an already-present issue become a much larger one in a short amount of time. Even a hairline fracture in your roof can be an entry for water to get into your home, and the water will quickly widen that crack until you have an emergency on your hands.

So how expensive is water damage? The average bill for water damage clean up and restoration is over $15,000. And that’s the average. That means your bill could be much, much higher. Compared to the cost of installing our gutter guards on your Littleton home, risking water damage is definitely not worth it.

You can call our GutterDome installation experts at America’s Choice Home Solutions to get a quote on our GutterDome products for your home as well as our installation services. Our team will help you find a great deal on the products you need to protect your home from water damage!