If you’re a fan of DIY home improvement shows, you know their dangerous lure. They make it seem that, with just a bit of research and the right tools, you too can complete that project safely, correctly, under budget and to code. But like many areas of life, this is rarely the case when reality comes into play. Many homeowners have found out the hard way that home improvement can be complicated, requiring a lot of head-scratching figuring and back-wrenching labor. Gutter installation is a prime example of home improvement projects that can quickly go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. These are the most common mistakes that home-owning DIY’ers make that you can avoid by just hiring a seamless gutter installation company instead:

  • Improper pitch – Without guiding water toward the downspouts, your gutters allow for it to pool in random areas. The length-way pitch of the gutter itself must be set to channel at just the right angle to prevent the rust, erosion and clogging that results from standing water.
  • Forward tilting – If set at an angle from front to back, your gutters can present a completely different problem. Water spilling over the side, on either edge can nullify what your gutters are there for in the first place – allowing water to run down the side of your home or to build up at the foundation. Gutters need to be level to do their job properly.
  • Gutters left unprotected – By not installing gutter covers or leaf guards, homeowners often create more home maintenance work for themselves. Gutter guards, like GutterDome, keep leaves and other debris out of gutters keeping homeowners from having to do the dirty and dangerous work of cleaning them out twice or more a year.
  • Badly-spaced hangers – Gutters that sag, even in the slightest can cause improper drainage problems. Hangers should be used within three feet of each other, keeping the gutter itself running along a firm line.