Like most Coloradoans, you probably do a lot of the work on your home yourself. Our nature is to take charge and do the majority of our household chores ourselves, saving money and giving us a sense of pride about the care and upkeep of our property. When it comes to a job like installing a leaf guard on the gutters on your Denver home, though, is it better to hire a professional? Let’s take a look at both options.

Doing It Yourself

  • You could save money. By not paying an installation fee, you could end up saving money on the installation of your gutter guards.
  • You’ll know the job was done right. By doing it yourself, you may feel more confident that you’ve installed the products correctly.
  • You’ll understand how to fix issues that come up. Because you put them on, you’ll understand how your gutter protection works and hopefully be better able to fix it if there is an issue.

Hiring a Professional

  • Could help save you money in the long term. A professional team understands how to install gutter leaf guards in the most efficient way possible, so they won’t need to purchase and charge you for extra materials.
  • You won’t be putting yourself at risk. Climbing on your roof and up on a ladder can be incredibly dangerous for homeowners. A professional is licensed, insured, and trained to do this tricky work.
  • The product will likely come with a guarantee. This should put your mind at ease about any issues coming up in the future because your installation team will stand behind their products and their work!

We recommend hiring a professional team to install the leaf guards on your gutters. To sweeten the deal, you can call America’s Choice Home Solutions and get 80% off of your installation costs on GutterDome products! Get your free quote today.