What the Industry Says About GutterDome™ Gutter Guards

Through our intense research, trial and error and due diligence, we’ve quietly surpassed the giants of the industry to become “the benchmark” in gutter guard technology. GutterDome™, recognized as the “Gutter Guard of the Year” for the last three consecutive years, continues to not only impress industry experts and consumer advocates, but also delivers to homeowners its promises of superiority, strength and dependability. Far surpassing our competitors, our leaf guard system protects rain gutters and downspouts in an innovative way that no other product can replicate. For a free quote and installation, call the Colorado GutterDome team for quick and friendly service that is also unmatched in the industry.

Full Report available at www.GutterProtectionReview.org

“In our opinion, Gutter Dome is the benchmark for gutter protection excellence and should continue to be for years to come ( It is hard for us to imagine how a better product can be engineered). Moreover it is much more reasonably priced (than most other micro-mesh systems) should guarantee Gutter Dome’s continued success. It is our #1 choice and recommendation in gutter protection for 2012 – 2014.”

Additional Reviews

“The results from the GutterDome have been very impressive. We have had no shortage of crazy rain storms, so we have been able to see the GutterDome in action in the pouring rain. It really does appear that nothing gets through the steel mesh, except rain water. The mesh is very fine, so even little gravel pieces or very small debris did not make it into our gutters. We also did some torture testing – banging on the mesh and running twigs against it – to see if it would tear or rip. The surgical grade steel mesh is super strong, because we could not tear it.”

“After a few months of testing and some major rain storms, I have been impressed with the GutterDome product. It seems to work very well and has held in place. The debris that would otherwise end up in the gutter simply rolls off the roof when it rains. The average installed price on GutterDome ranges from $14/ft – $24/ft depending on several factors including stories, roof condition, access, conditions of gutters, etc. and the final price is determined by the Authorized Dealer doing the installation. With an average cost of $2,000 – $3,000 for an entire house, you will be looking at a 5-10 year return on investment. Although it can be pricey, you will never have to deal with cleaning your gutters again, which is something I am very much looking forward to crossing off of my to do list.”

“So stop climbing ladders to dig out water-soaked leaves and pine needles from your rain gutters and install GutterDome gutter guards. You’ll save yourself time and money in the long run and even more importantly protect one of your biggest financial investments, your home.”