Will GutterDome keep all of the debris out of my rain gutter system?

 Yes. GutterDome is a leaf guard for the gutters on your Denver home that prevents leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, seed pods, small organic matter and whirly birds from entering your rain gutter system while still filtering the rainwater and eliminates gutter cleaning for all-time™.


How does GutterDome fasten to my rain gutter system?

GutterDome gutter guards fasten to the front lip of the rain gutter with three (3) hex washer head #2 forged Stalgard coated self-drilling screws. The leafguard is very stable once it is attached.


Does GutterDome install on most residential gutter sizes & types?

Yes. GutterDome can be retrofitted on a vast majority of rain gutters (4”/5” or 6”/7” in width) including curved, fascia, half round, K-style and ogee. Our gutter guards fit a variety of Colorado homes, new and old.


Does GutterDome install on most residential gutter materials?

Yes. GutterDome can be retrofitted on aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, plastic, stainless steel, vinyl and wood rain gutters.


Does GutterDome install on most residential roofing materials?

Yes. GutterDome can be installed on cedar shake, composition shingle, flat tile, Spanish tile and stone coated steel.


What is GutterDome’s support frame constructed of?

GutterDome is constructed from the highest quality, 6063 extruded aluminum that has been tempered to a T5, yielding a tensile strength of over 22.000 lbs. per square inch!


What is the filtering agent material for GutterDome?

GutterDome is produced with a fine plain weave surgical grade stainless steel micromesh that produces openings less than 440 microns, keeping even the finest debris from entering the gutter system!


May I use this product in conjunction with my rainwater harvesting system?

Yes. GutterDome products offer first stage filtration for rainwater harvesting systems, making your secondary filters last longer and perform more efficiently.


What is the surface-coating process for GutterDome to withstand the harsh outdoor elements?

GutterDome is produced with a clear anodizing process (Anodic Oxidation) that creates a layer of oxide, which protects the extruded aluminum and makes it immune to corrosion. This durable surface coating adheres to AAMA standards, is environmentally responsible, long lasting, low maintenance, scratch resistant, and provides tough performance.


Do I need to replace my whole gutter system to install GutterDome?

No. The genius of the GutterDome gutter guard is its ability to be installed on new or existing gutters.


Will GutterDome be able to handle the torrential rains that Colorado experiences?

Yes. GutterDome employs Water Siphoning Technology™  that has been tested at over 10 inches of metered rain an hour!


What is a Permanently Clean Guarantee?

Our Permanently Clean Guarantee™ ensures that your gutters stay clean or we will come clean them for free! This guarantees you that you will never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again!


What about the debris that collects on the top of the GutterDome?

Because of the nonstick properties of surgical grade stainless steel, dried debris will simply fall to the ground with a moderate breeze.


What if I need my gutters replaced?

We are a full gutter company offering a wide variety of seamless gutter options. If your gutters need to be replaced before the GutterDome is installed we will be happy to install new gutters at a discounted rate.


Are there other companies in the Denver metro that sell GutterDome?

No. We are proud to be the exclusive dealer for GutterDome for the state of Colorado and southern Wyoming.


Will the micromesh screen deteriorate with years of UV exposure?

No. Stainless steel is known for its strength and durability and is immune to UV breakdown.


How does GutterDome work with Pine needles?

Amazing! For years pine needles have been the Achilles Heel for all gutter guard systems. With GutterDome, pine needles are permanently prevented from entering the gutter system!


Will you clean out my gutters before GutterDome is installed?

Yes. Before the GutterDome is installed we professionally clean out all gutters and “snake out” all downspouts.


What areas do you service in Colorado?

We service the entire Denver Metro and Northern Colorado.