When you cleaned out your gutters the last time, did you notice a lot of grit at the bottom of your gutters? Most of the grit you find comes from your asphalt shingles, and many gutter covers on the market don’t filter out these smaller pieces. This grit is put there on purpose and some loss will occur naturally over the course of your roof’s lifetime. The grit is added for color and aesthetic appeal, but it also reflects UV rays away from your roof to prolong the life of your shingles. If you notice a lot of grit coming off, you may want to have your roof evaluated to see if you’ll need it replaced soon.

Shingle grit isn’t just a nuisance, though, it can actually contribute to the issue of your gutters getting clogged. These small particles can build up and create blockages in drains and downspouts, and in some cases can be harder to remove than larger items like leaves and pine needles. If you have a leaf guard on the gutters of your Denver home, it may do a good job of keeping out leaves but nothing to keep out this shingle grit, meaning you’ll still need to climb up on your ladder and clean out your gutter periodically–effectively making your current gutter guards useless.

We’re the exclusive Denver distributor of GutterDome gutter guards, the gutter guards made to keep all the debris out of your gutters, including small leaves and shingle grit. Our products use a micro mesh that filters the water before it enters your gutters, leaving debris on top to dry and blow away. We know our gutter covers work, and that’s why we offer a 100% guarantee on our GutterDome products: if they don’t keep your gutters clean, we’ll clean them for you for free! Learn more about our micro mesh gutter covers and get your free quote today.