It may just be September, but in Colorado, that means it could snow at any time. The earliest recorded snowfall for Denver happened on September 3, 1961, but September snowfalls aren’t unusual. If you grew up in Colorado, you know that more often than not our Halloween festivities are hampered by heavy snowfall, too. The average date of the first snow in Denver is October 19th. That means you only have a few weeks–at the most–to protect your roof and your home from water damage that can be caused by accumulation of snow on your roof. That’s why you can’t delay calling about our Denver gutter guards today!

Your gutters aren’t only in danger of clogging during spring rainstorms. In fact, winter can be a particularly dangerous time of year for your gutters. The buildup of snow and ice not only needs a safe path to melt and drain away from your home, the weight of it on your roof can cause issues as well. Maybe homeowners discount the importance of protecting their drains during a Colorado winter only to be surprised at the amount of damage that can be done to their homes once the snow starts to melt and has nowhere to go. Our Denver gutter guards can help prevent this issues as well as keep your gutters flowing freely.

Give us a call today and we’ll give you a quote on our Denver gutter guards and give you a great deal on both installation and our GutterDome product line. Our team is ready to get your gutter guards installed before winter arrives in Colorado! Call 303-288-3466 today.