How is it that we’re seeing sweaters and boots in all of the stores? How is that the leaves are already changing colors? How is it that Fall 2015 starts just next week?

This spring and summer seemed to go so fast, it left many of us unprepared for the onset of the next round of cooler weather; which, in turn, has left our house unprepared. It seems that we’ve just gotten done with summer remodeling projects or just started enjoying that backyard deck that we re-stained when we have to turn our attention to fall and winter home maintenance. Ick.

One of the most dreaded chores attached to the fall season is, hands-down, the clearing out of the rain gutters. Each and every time those leaves fall throughout the latter parts of the calendar, we have to lug out the ladder, climb on its rungs and risk life and limb in order to simply remove that which even the trees tried to get rid of – leaves. When combined with rain and roof sediment, these leaves and other detritus make for a sludgy dirty muck that is neither pleasant or pretty. Never fun, always risky, the entire act of removing gutter-clogging gunk is just….. well, you know. Ick.

Gutter covers, or leaf guards, can virtually eliminate this dreaded chore however. Gutter Dome, the most favorably-reviewed gutter guard available on the Denver Metro market, makes cleaning your gutters a thing of the past. We’re so confident that Gutter Dome is so effective in keeping your gutters clean, that we offer our Permanently Clean Guarantee which states that if your gutters require cleaning after installation, we will pay for that cleaning. Find out more by contacting America’s Choice Home Solutions today for your free quote. Beat fall at its own game and rest easy through the winter, knowing that your home and you are protected with Gutter Dome.