Though we enjoy relatively mild winters here along the Front Range of Colorado, it isn’t unheard of for us to experience weeks on end of freezing temperatures during certain months. When coupled with regular snow falls, these cold temps can create a particularly challenging problem for homeowners: ice dams.

When snow is allowed to build up on a roof, it presents the opportunity for ice dams to form. When snow melts from the warmer areas of a roof, the water that drains towards the gutters often freezes when it reaches the colder areas – those that are outside of the heated areas of your home – by the eaves and gutters. A ridge of ice soon forms just above the gutter and more and more melting snow begins to build behind that ridge, creating what is referred to as an ice dam. In certain areas of the nation where bitter cold temperatures are experienced for weeks or months at a time, these ice dams present a particular challenge as they can cause serious damage to a home’s walls, insulation, ceilings and roofing components.

Keeping your gutters clear and free of leaves and other debris, before winter sets in, is the best way to avoid the formation of destructive ice dams. When melting snow is able to move freely through your gutters and safely away from your home and foundation, there is less likelihood for ice dams to form. Gutter guards that keep most debris out of your gutters is the simplest and safest way to ensure that your home is kept ice-dam-free and safe all year long. Only GutterDome’s leaf guard system is guaranteed to keep your gutters Permanently Clean and has been named “gutter guard of the year” three years in a row. Find out more about how GutterDome gutter guards keep your home safe throughout any season.