Collecting rainwater is heavily restricted in the state of Colorado, so it’s not something you should be doing unless you’ve obtained the proper permits. If you have, however, collecting rainwater can be a great way to obtain water for your garden or lawn. It allows the water to be slowly released back into the ground instead of washing over pavement and becoming contaminated or evaporating quickly. If you are collecting rainwater, our Centennial leaf guard for your gutters is the perfect first step in your filtration process.

The micro mesh of our GutterDome gutter covers is so fine that it removes almost all of the debris that would normally get caught in your gutters. The micro mesh doesn’t interfere with the flow of water, though, and our gutter covers handle rains up to 10 inches per hour. That’s a quick enough rate to withstand even our severe Colorado weather. Thanks to the micro mesh, you won’t have to worry about filtering out leafs, pine needles, or grit from your roof from your collected rainwater, meaning it will be ready to use even sooner.

If you are collecting rainwater, make sure you have GutterDome products on the roof of your Centennial home. Our team is happy to come and install it for you! Give us a call today and get a free quote on our Centennial leaf guard GutterDome products for your gutters. You’ll be amazed at how well they work keeping your gutters clean! We’re confident about our products, so we offer a 100% guarantee. If they don’t work on your gutters, we’ll clean them for you for free. Contact us now and learn how you can get 80% off of your installation costs!