In case you were wondering what it takes to be named “Gutter Guard of the Year” for three consistent years, we can tell you that it was the result of our teams’ many years of research and development. By systematically processing the issues and problems that existing gutter guard systems presented, we were able to come up with more efficient solutions to homeowner’s most frustrating gutter problems. Implementing today’s manufacturing technologies with innovative structural design, GutterDome was developed as an alternative to traditional leaf guards. So what makes Gutterdome different? Here are the most common types of gutter protectors, their downfalls and why our gutter guards are superior:

  • Screen or mesh type guards – Though they are simple to install, most screens allow too much debris through to the gutters because the size of the holes in the screen is too large to keep twigs and dirt out. GutterDome avoids this problem by using micro-mesh screen, keeping out even the smallest detritus.
  • Solid Cover guards – Meant to install over the top of existing gutters, solid covers work well unless there is heavy amounts of rain fall, allowing more water to spill over the edge where it can do harm to your homes walls or foundation. GutterDome allows water to still stream through your gutter and downspout system moving water effectively away from your home’s building components.
  • Under shingle guards – These gutter guards can be very expensive to install and require upkeep and maintenance that surpasses that of other systems. GutterDome keeps installation costs down by attaching to the gutter itself.
  • Gutter filters – Though they are easily installed on top of your existing gutters, the drawback with both foam type and bristle type filter guards is that they themselves become dirty and clogged, making them ineffective over time. GutterDome avoids the issue of inconvenient maintenance by keeping debris on top of your leaf guard where it is easily removed.